Makeup Tips for legs

In summer, although it is an ideal to wear with a short skirt or shorts time (especially now that they are so popular), many women choose to wear long and complex because they are ashamed of their legs. Sometimes by nonsense, an old scar on one leg, a mole that we do not like spots on the skin, varicose veins ..

The fact is that those little blemishes that everyone has can be disguised in most cases by applying makeup in the legs.

Today we are going to teach you how to make any excuses may be able to relocate when legs look and leave more than one with an open mouth.

The first step before applying body makeup in the legs is to prepare the skin. If face to use a moisturizer before using the foundation, leg things change a bit because you have to get to be as smooth as possible before starting. To do what we will exfoliate the skin, plucking leg, clean the skin and then put moisturizer (if the makeup is for men, you probably want to skip the step of waxing).

If you’re trying to cover and disguise are scars, varicose veins or other imperfections that have highlighted, if we apply some gel or cream immediately after moisturizer will help us better meet the surface and camouflage those imperfections.

Though applying makeup in the legs is similar to facial makeup, body makeup requires different tools and brushes. You may feel tempted to apply makeup directly with your hands or fingers, but that should never do because the oil from your own skin alter the consistency of the makeup and the result would be defective. Instead you should apply makeup with a latex sponge that will help you extend and get as close as possible to your skin tone. Also need a diverse set of makeup brushes of different sizes. The smallest will be useful to mask minor imperfections, the largest used to large scars and blemishes. Finally need a compact applicator for you to finish the job with translucent powder.

Once we have prepared the skin for makeup, it’s time to put it on. Body makeup is usually heavier and thicker than the facial makeup because the skin of the face is much thinner than the leg for example. Typically the body is in cream makeup format but also some brands market it in spray form is sprayed onto the skin. If makeup were to cover imperfections well you try to hide, then you’ll have to grab a brush or a brush and apply concealer to go blurring imperfections with makeup.

As is usually done with the face after applying makeup is best to give it a finishing powder to achieve a better and more like your skin tone and to better preserve the makeup last longer and also to prevent We staining clothes. The powder should be a color match as possible to the foundation used. how to remove scars on legs

Finally, let the makeup settle and dry thoroughly before putting clothes on one side to prevent soil our and the other for makeup that is preserved intact.

If you follow these steps sure that you will never be afraid to show off your legs even if you have varicose veins or other imperfections


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