Home remedies for scars on legs

download (2)With homemade recipes to share with you today can make the scar to darken and not call much attention, and generously erased. visit getting rid of scars on legs

There are some natural substances that can be applied directly on the scar to help significantly improve their appearance to the point that over time it will not be easy to identify which was the affected area, among them are: honey, aloe vera pulp, the castor oil, cocoa butter and egg white. Do not forget that the application of these elements is constant daily.

Also, aloe vera we can make a homemade recipe to remove scars, we only have the following ingredients: lemon juice 01 02 tablespoons of milk and a lot of aloe vera pulp. Mix lemon juice with milk and apply on the scar and when it is dry, spread the pulp of aloe vera and cover with a gauze or cloth and allow to stand overnight. The next day remove with water, then dry well and apply sunscreen to protect from sunlight.

It is also recommended to exfoliate with honey and sugar, then rinse. Finally, vitamin E may help prevent scarring, so you must open a vitamin E capsule and apply to the area to treat once a day.


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