How To Cover Scars On Legs – Tips

legs Who does not feel a bit of envy for fabulous legs? legs can withstand a beautiful and very sexy miniskirt and no heels, so if you want to always have them look worthy of worship as possible. Unfortunately, the scars can damage the legs that otherwise would be perfect. 

How To Cover Scars On Legs

  1. Thoroughly clean the skin over and around the scar so that your leg is like a dirt-free cloth to help you do your job of coverage.
  2. Applies scar moisturizing lotion with sunscreen in order to not only keep your skin moisturized, but also prevent the scar that has given you so much trouble to darken when your legs are exposed naked to the sun. This is particularly important if the scar is relatively recent (but has already healed).
  3. Take your waterproof concealer and apply a small amount in a hidden place of your leg. See if your tone is the skin of your leg: your goal is to hide, do not cry, “Look at me!”
  4. Using a concealer brush or your fingers, apply concealer directly on the scar. Do it thoroughly, without greed, especially if it is a large scar. You want to be sure it is completely covered, is not it?
  5. Take a makeup sponge if you used your fingers to place the checker, otherwise continue with the brush. Dale soft to spread it and blend with the skin around the scar taps.
  6. Hunde a brush to dust your face powder (yes, your face powder) and then sprinkle over the scar, as if you’re making up the face. The powder will help set the concealer and give a more natural look.

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