Tips On Legs Scars

Leg ScarsFor the procedure to get rid of the scar will need the following ingredients: honey, mummy, nutmeg, baby cream, 3% hydrogen peroxide, Revitol Scar Cream”

1 >. You need to prepare a mixture of nutmeg and honey. To do this, mix one part nutmeg (which you can buy at the store, in the department of spices) with four parts of honey, liquid is better, you can use honey and candied, but first, melt it in a water bath. The resulting structure should be thoroughly rubbed into the problem area massage movements, hold for half an hour, then rinse with warm water without using detergents. The procedure is repeated every day until the scar will not blend in with the surrounding skin.

2 >. 5 tablets mummy (1g total) to dissolve a teaspoon of warm water. This mixture was mixed thoroughly with baby cream (a tube). Daily at night to rub composition. Remains of the finished composition should be stored in the refrigerator in a glass container.

3>. Sachet powder badyaga connect with 3% hydrogen peroxide, wait until bubbles appear.Within 10 minutes, rub up, you begin to feel a slight burning or tingling. After the procedure, the place should be rinsed with warm water. This peeling is done in a day. Summer should be applied to this place sunscreen to not formed pigment spots or burns. It is not necessary to do the procedure right before going out, open spaces for some time will remain red from exposure to fresh-water sponge.

4>. In any pharmacy you can buy “Revitol Scar Cream “ Rubbed it on the problem area several times a day. After the first application of the gel does not need to rinse after a while the old layer is applied a new one. For the old, stale scar need to use absorbable dressings that are applied on all night. To scar applied a liberal coat of gel is placed on top of a layer of gauze, all firmly fixed elastic bandage or plaster.

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